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Blogger & Photographer Collaboration Events in Arizona & Beyond



Blogger FAQs


What’s in it for the bloggers?

Bloggers, you got to feed the gram, am I right? Also, original images are better from an SEO perspective than stock (although it depends on the stock). Your audience wants to see and connect with you so put yourself out there! Brands want to work with bloggers that produce high-quality content. One way to do this is to work with local photographers. But what if you don’t know who to work with or aren’t very comfortable in front of the camera?


Enter Click! Collaborative!


Our collaboration events are meant to bring bloggers and photographers together for something a little bit like speed dating. You get to try out different photographers, see who you like to work with and who inspires you. Plus you end up with photos for your blog and/or social media.


What am I required to do?

  • Show up on time

  • Have fun

  • Tag all sponsors, photographers and event hosts when you post to social media

  • Write a blog post (more info to follow)


What do I bring?

Think about what’s coming up for you over the next several months. Are there holidays you want photos for? Do you have a blog series that you want a hero image for? Do you have any brand collaborations you need photos for? As you plan out what outfits you’ll bring (casual, dressy, etc.) also consider what props or accessories you may want. Do you need a shot of you with your laptop? Write it down, map it out, and be ready!


When do I get my photos?

We ask the photographers to deliver their 5 photos of each blogger to us within 14 days. We will organize them by blogger and send them to you within 14 days after that.

When do I need to get my blog post up?

We ask the bloggers publish their blog post within 7 days of photo delivery. Remember the photographers have worked for free and are doing so to get exposure and gain clients, so the sooner you use your fabulous influence to get the word out the better.